Terms and Conditions

Description of the service

The Capital Hunting is a hunting reservation system online. We act as intermediaries between owners and hunters in order to providing our hunters the possibility to search and book a hunt online. Our service is based on information provided by the owners. Although we do our best to ensure the accuracy of all information on our platform we won't be able to guarantee that it is understandable and error-free nor can we be responsible for interruptions or non-delivery of information.

Hunting prices available on our platform are very competitive. These prices can be changed by the owners. Please check the details of the hunt to see what is and what is not included in the price.

Amount charged for each reservation

The Hunting Capital offers the total value of each hunt and price per part down, but does not intend to charge this value in markup. The amount charged in the process of booking the hunt, is only a small percentage of the total value of the hunt. The Hunting Capital requires the payment of that value, in order to avoid possible false reservations. This amount charged in the Act of each reservation, will be then subtracted to the total value of the hunt. The remaining value of the hunt, will be paid directly to the owner on the day of the hunt.

Conditions of booking

For hunting with fixed day, the booking can be made up to 2 days before the day of the hunt. If you want to reserve just the day before the hunt, you have to first contact the Capital Hunting, demonstrate the intention of reserving the hunt, and wait for confirmation of the same. If you receive confirmation, you can then book your hunt on capitalcinegetica.com platform.


Please follow the instructions in the confirmation email in case you want to cancel your hunt. If you cancel your hunt until 3 days before, will not be charged any cancellation and cost will be refunded the amount paid at the time of booking. If the cancellation is made 3 days before the day of the hunt, the amount paid at the time of booking, will not be repaid.


Duties of the Game proprietárioGestor

-Communicate the Capital Hunting when your hunt is no longer available for sale
-Communicate to the Hunting Capital when you want to add new safaris
-Provide the Hunter the best hunting trip possible, in the light of information provided by you to the Hunting Capital
-Communicate to the Hunting Capital that intends to sell hunting or ports available on this platform
-The Game ProprietárioGestor can never sell hunting or ports available in capitalcinegetica.com, before communicating to the Hunting Capital that intention
-Subparagraph (A) above, prevents the Hunting Capital of running the risk of selling a hunt or port that has already been sold by the owner or the game Manager
-The price of portacaçadapeça abatidainscrição available in capitalcinegetica.com, will have to be equal to or lower than the sale made by the game Manager clients


Penalties applied to Game proprietárioGestor

-If the Capital Hunting receive any complaints of a clientecaçador about particular Tourist hunting zone, this may be banned from this platform indefinitely, if the facts are they relevant foundations. This whole process of investigation of the facts, will be examined by the Hunting Capital

-If the Capital Hunting find Game Manager sells its products at a price lower than the available on capitalcinegetica.com, the hunt and your hunting zone will be automatically banned from this platform


The Hunting Capital has been prepared with the greatest care possible. Our services are based on information provided by the owners. Despite the Hunting Capital to analyze in detail the properties before making the hunting of these properties, we cannot guarantee that all information is correct, nor be liable for any errors or faults in the contents made available.

Legal information

The present general conditions of sale are agreed between CINEGÈTICA CAPITAL and people that contribute significantly to purchases through the Website HUNTING CAPITAL henceforth per user, and the user should always be a natural person not merchants.

Purchases made through this website are governed exclusively by these general conditions of sale to the exclusion of all conditions previously available on the website or by prior agreement, express and in writing.

The CAPITAL HUNTING can promptly modify provisions of its general conditions, the user should reread them each time you visit the site of the HUNTING CAPITAL.

The present general sales conditions have as their object the provision and defining the necessary information to the user and regulate all necessary steps for the realization of the order.