Turistic Zone Capital da Caça - Mértola


This tourist hunting area is located in the center of the Hunting Capital in Mértola. It is a hunting area with excellent records of dove hunting and is located on the left bank of the municipality of Mértola. Wild partridges, mallards and wild boars are another of the most abundant species in this hunting area.



Available date: January 19

Dam: 2

Stations: 4

Hours: Late afternoon

+ info: On each scheduled day, the 4 hunters will hunt at the same time. Two hunters are placed in each dam

Location: Mértola


  • Hunt for 2 hunters
  • Lodgemment in double room
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast


PRICE: 300€ each hunt for 2 hunters

I want to be contacted BOOK NOW (+351) 961 224 115


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Light Rain

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Light Rain
Temperature Min: 7 ºC
Max: 18 ºC
Min: 3 ºC
Max: 14 ºC
Min: -1 ºC
Max: 15 ºC
Min: 11 ºC
Max: 15 ºC
Min: 8 ºC
Max: 12 ºC
Precipitation 0.85 mm 0 mm 0.54 mm 2.71 mm 0.83 mm
Velocity 1.75 Km/h 2.31 Km/h 1.81 Km/h 2.91 Km/h 7.07 Km/h
  • Horta da Quintã

    Quinta Horta Grande
    1075 Quintã Além Rio
    7750-386 Mértola

    Located in the heart of Mértola county, “Horta da Quintã” is a very unconventional, ecologically-sound countryside house which mixes landscape with a decoration inspired in regional traditions, in a very relaxing atmosphere, ideal for an escapade in Alentejo.


    Phone: +351 286 616 500
    Phone: +351 965 523 153
    Email: info@hortadaquinta.com
  • Restaurante Tamuje

    Endereço: Rua Doutor Serrão Martins 36, 7750-355 Mértola

    The Tamuje is characterized by being calm. A space for sharing and conviviality, where never leave unsatisfied. Family restaurant and homemade cuisine.
    Customers of Capital Hunting, have an exclusive discount at this restaurant.


    +351 286 611 115