Hunting Zone Picamilho - Beja


This hunting area has about 400 hectares. It is an essentially cork area. The hunting area is 5 km from Beja, near the village of Santa Clara do Louredo. The resident species are the partridge, hare, ducks, wood pigeons and wild boars. The hunting area also has a training ground.

aluguer de couto


Description: Hunting area for groups of hunters. In this hunting area you can hunt wild partridges, hares, ducks, wood pigeons and wild boars for the night waiting process.

Number of hectares: 400 ha

Resident species: Partridge, Hare, Duck, Wood Pigeon and Wild Boar

Number of dams: 4

Hunting days: All days

Training ground: This hunting zone has associated a training camp with about 40 hectares

Location: Santa Clara do Louredo

PRICE: 5.000€

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Scattered Clouds

Few Clouds

Scattered Clouds

Broken Clouds

Sky Is Clear
Temperature Min: 12 ºC
Max: 25 ºC
Min: 12 ºC
Max: 29 ºC
Min: 12 ºC
Max: 31 ºC
Min: 12 ºC
Max: 30 ºC
Min: 19 ºC
Max: 31 ºC
Precipitation 0 mm 0 mm 0 mm 0 mm 0 mm
Velocity 3.49 Km/h 1.15 Km/h 4.05 Km/h 5.92 Km/h 5.67 Km/h

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