Beni Mellal/Casablanca - Marrocos


This hunting company in Morocco, organizes hunts about 180 km from Casablanca, more precisely in Beni Mellal. They organize hunts to the rolls, quail, partridges, thrushes and wild boars.

Rola - Marrakech


Available months: July and August

Sugestions: Take clothes suitable for temperatures from 35ºC to 40ºC.

Location: Beni Mellal or Marrakech or Taroudant, Morocco

Number of hunters: From 5 to 10 hunters

Some considerations
- The Dove is in Morocco a bird of passage. As such, and with the experience of previous decades, are expected good hunting in July and August, when it is allowed to hunt;
- The hunting area this year is Beni Mellal or Marrakech;
- Daily limit of by hunter: 50 doves;
- The program is carried out with a group of 5 to 10 hunters;
- It takes 45 days to deal with the documentation;
- Have permanent monitoring from Lisbon airport to the return;

Required documents:
Filing information sheet for each Hunter;
1 photo;
Photocopy of hunting license this year;
Photocopy of letter Hunter, double sided;
Photocopy use and carry firearms, double sided;
Photocopy of the registration of the gun (or guns) to take double sided;
Photocopy of the 2 front pages of passport

Included in program:

Number of days: 4 hunting days;

Accommodation: 5 nights in hotel in a double room with half board;

PRICE: 1.950€ per hunter in Beni Mellal

PRICE: 2.150€ per hunter in Marrakech

PRECIO: 2.350€ per hunter in Taroudant
(1) 5 nights on hotel in a single room with half board |The hunting license is € 300 for the hunting season | The cartridges are the 13.5 € the box

Not included in the previous price:

Ticket plane | Licenses: 260€ for all season | Cartridges: 10€ per box | Tips: 30€ per day | Drinks not included | Insurance | Single room: 40€ more per day | Rent weapons: 40€ per day







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