Hunting Zone Vale de Pinta - Vimieiro


This hunting area is located in Estremoz, between Vimieiro and Casa Branca, has about 500 hectares to hunt WoodPigeons. It is a property with great abundance WoodPigeons every year, due to its location and characteristics of the grounds.

aluguer de zona de caça


Area: 532 ha

Characteristics: Mounted, 3 irrigation pivots, one dam (allows 6 or 7 duck stands), 2 streams that never dry, 14 hectares of olive grove

Species: The group of hunters will have the right to hunt all species. It is emphasized that this hunting area has excellent characteristics for a possible abundance of mallards (in the dam), Quail (in the irrigated pivots), thrushes (in the olive grove), wood pigeons and some Boars. There are also Hares, Partridges and Rabbits but in a small amount. The group of hunters is understood, you can make a feeder for the Doves in August and September.

Ubicación: Casa Branca/Vimieiro


PRICE: 6.300€ per season

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Temperature Min: 17 ºC
Max: 39 ºC
Min: 17 ºC
Max: 35 ºC
Min: 14 ºC
Max: 37 ºC
Min: 14 ºC
Max: 37 ºC
Min: 18 ºC
Max: 37 ºC
Precipitation 0 mm 0 mm 0 mm 0 mm 0 mm
Velocity 2.7 Km/h 4.61 Km/h 2.89 Km/h 2.47 Km/h 2.91 Km/h