Capital Cinegética Feeders - Beja


This hunting area is located between Mértola and Beja, near the villages of Salvada and Quintos. It is a tourist hunting zone with about 460 hectares of bush and mounted. This hunting area organizes draw's and waits for wild boars.



Available date: March 30

Stations: 20

Mallards: 50

Partridges: 150

Pigeons: 200

Location: Quintos - Beja


PRICE: 200€ each hunter

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Sky Is Clear

Sky Is Clear

Sky Is Clear

Sky Is Clear

Moderate Rain
Temperature Min: 5 ºC
Max: 19 ºC
Min: 7 ºC
Max: 19 ºC
Min: 3 ºC
Max: 20 ºC
Min: 3 ºC
Max: 21 ºC
Min: 10 ºC
Max: 19 ºC
Precipitation 0 mm 0 mm 0 mm 0 mm 4.38 mm
Velocity 5.24 Km/h 5.1 Km/h 4.06 Km/h 3.52 Km/h 3.28 Km/h
  • Hotel Bejense

    Rua Capitão João Francisco de Sousa, 57
    7800-451 BEJA
    Alentejo – Portugal

    This hotel in the historic centre of Beja offers uniquely decorated rooms with flower patterns and colourful wall paintings. There is a guest lounge with a fireplace and TV.

    The rooms at Hotel Bejense are decorated with care and include free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and a private bathroom with hairdryer.


    Phone: +351 284 311 570
Extra Price
Hunting Report 500.00 €
Video for groups of hunters:
- Duration between 5 and 10 minutes
- Video format to define in conjunction with stakeholders
- One or more hunters Interview any of the stages of the hunt
- Follow one or more hunts to film hunting action of several hunters
- Footage of the moments of conviviality between the hunters
- Final work delivered on a DVD (possibility to make a DVD and laser-engraved with the cover to deliver to each of the hunters)
- Price: from 700 €

Video for one Hunter on post:
- Duration of 5 to 10 minutes
- The Format set in conjunction with the intervener
- Interview with Hunter
- Fixed and mobile Footage of hunting action
- Price: from 500 €