Hunting Zone in Carlow - Irlanda


This hunting area is located in Carlow, Ireland. It is a magnificent place for the true lovers of woodpigeon hunt. Pigeons are sedentary, (it is estimated that there are 6 million pigeons), but the success of each hunt depends exclusively on weather conditions. The hunts are carried out with the aid of decoys (artificial).

Rola - Marrakech


Available months: July and August

Sugestions: Take clothes suitable for temperatures from 35ºC to 40ºC.

Location: Beni Mellal or Marrakech or Taroudant, Morocco

Number of hunters: From 5 to 10 hunters

Some considerations
- The Dove is in Morocco a bird of passage. As such, and with the experience of previous decades, are expected good hunting in July and August, when it is allowed to hunt;
- The hunting area this year is Beni Mellal or Marrakech;
- Daily limit of by hunter: 50 doves;
- The program is carried out with a group of 5 to 10 hunters;
- It takes 45 days to deal with the documentation;
- Have permanent monitoring from Lisbon airport to the return;

Required documents:
Filing information sheet for each Hunter;
1 photo;
Photocopy of hunting license this year;
Photocopy of letter Hunter, double sided;
Photocopy use and carry firearms, double sided;
Photocopy of the registration of the gun (or guns) to take double sided;
Photocopy of the 2 front pages of passport

Included in program:

Number of days: 4 hunting days;

Accommodation: 5 nights in hotel in a double room with half board;

PRICE: 1.950€ per hunter in Beni Mellal

PRICE: 2.150€ per hunter in Marrakech

PRECIO: 2.350€ per hunter in Taroudant
(1) 5 nights on hotel in a single room with half board |The hunting license is € 300 for the hunting season | The cartridges are the 13.5 € the box

Not included in the previous price:

Ticket plane | Licenses: 260€ for all season | Cartridges: 10€ per box | Tips: 30€ per day | Drinks not included | Insurance | Single room: 40€ more per day | Rent weapons: 40€ per day







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Temperature Min: 12 ºC
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Max: 23 ºC
Min: 15 ºC
Max: 21 ºC
Precipitation 0.63 mm 2.88 mm 0 mm 0 mm 0 mm
Velocity 4.22 Km/h 8.04 Km/h 7.56 Km/h 5.32 Km/h 5.15 Km/h