Mancha dos Alcácer - Alcácer do Sal


This hunting area has about 1500 hectares and is located near Alcácer do Sal. In this hunting area the abundant species are the WoodPigeons and mainly the Wild Boars. Every year are spectacular big games to wild boars are held in this hunting area, always obtaining excellent results. The land consists of heavily ridged, bush and ravines with hisses.

gancho em Beja


Available date: November 2 (saturday)

Stations: 50

Pack of dogs: 6

Included meals: Breakfast and lunch

Time and place of meeting: These and other information will be provided after the reservation confirmation

Location: Alcácer do Sal


PRICE: 150€ each station

(1) The stations are only considered reserved after payment of 50% of the value of the station

I want to be contacted BOOK NOW (+351) 961 224 115


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Broken Clouds

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Temperature Min: 10 ºC
Max: 13 ºC
Min: 7 ºC
Max: 19 ºC
Min: 9 ºC
Max: 20 ºC
Min: 15 ºC
Max: 17 ºC
Min: 13 ºC
Max: 22 ºC
Precipitation 0 mm 0 mm 0 mm 17.81 mm 0 mm
Velocity 2.49 Km/h 2.79 Km/h 3.05 Km/h 2.81 Km/h 2.79 Km/h
  • Casa das Cegonhas

    Herdade de Porches - Vale do Guizo 7580-087 | Alcácer do Sal – Portugal

    This accommodation has 6 rooms with 3 double beds and 6 single beds. The main room amenities are:
    - Private Bathroom
    - Air conditioning
    - LCD TV
    - Private terrace


    Phone: + (351) 917 887 071
Extra Price
Hunting Report 500.00 €
Video for groups of hunters:
- Duration between 5 and 10 minutes
- Video format to define in conjunction with stakeholders
- One or more hunters Interview any of the stages of the hunt
- Follow one or more hunts to film hunting action of several hunters
- Footage of the moments of conviviality between the hunters
- Final work delivered on a DVD (possibility to make a DVD and laser-engraved with the cover to deliver to each of the hunters)
- Price: from 700 €

Video for one Hunter on post:
- Duration of 5 to 10 minutes
- The Format set in conjunction with the intervener
- Interview with Hunter
- Fixed and mobile Footage of hunting action
- Price: from 500 €